Random Weaving

For anyone who knows me, the thought of me doing random weaving is laughable.  Every personality test I have done over the last 15 years has come up with words like logical, methodical, rational, structured and orderly.  There’s not alot of room for any randomness in there!  But over the last two years I have been discovering a side of myself that is quite refreshing.  It’s all about combining the left-brain with the right-brain.  I have been learning that with my weaving it’s ok not to plan and in fact, I get quite surprising results when I don’t.  So when I saw Harriet Goodall’s online random weaving course advertised last Christmas I was keen to sign up.

I have been following her blog for several months now and love her work.  She uses natural materials from her surroundings and weaves them into “objects of textural beauty and function for modern spaces.”  Her work is beautiful.  Inspiring.  And challenging.  Her course was the perfect answer to my husband’s Christmas present shopping dilemma.  It was brilliant how it worked.  I received a password by email which gave me access to watch her videos for making a rattan heart using the random weaving method.

I had hunted around the shops for rattan but was unable to find any in the Kapiti area. Eager to try my hand at this randomness, I decided to attempt it with harakeke.  Very quickly I found out why rattan is the preferred material (or rather why harakeke is not suitable).  As you can see from the photo, damp harakeke needs some kind of support to hold its shape so the overall effect of a gently curved heart was lost.20131221_182640-120140811_195306-1

Imagine my delight several months later when I meet a woman who is clearing out her carport and has bundles of rattan that she is wanting to find a new home for.  I am overwhelmed at being provided with exactly what I need.  And not just enough rattan to make one heart, but a whole carload of it.  An abundance of rattan!  Some people might say that is pretty random, but for me it is not random at all – I believe that when we discover our path in life then God supplies whatever we need to accomplish that.  I was very excited AND very grateful and couldn’t wait to get weaving.  I think you’ll agree the second heart is a lot more appealing!

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