Market Day Cards and Flowers

My greeting cards made their first public appearance at the Thames Market Day, with me having a table set up alongside my father’s stall where he sells his jewellery boxes made from recycled kauri and other NZ wood.   It was so encouraging to see people’s reactions to them and to get some great feedback, and of course to make some sales.

The night before I had made about 30 flax flowers (putiputi) from the soft variegated coloured flax in Mum and Dad’s garden.  Even though the colours will eventually fade when they dry out, they will still stay a bit two-toned. Several people were interested in a demonstration of how they were made and I enjoyed giving them away to anyone who admired them, that is, until a lady came along and wanted to buy the whole bunch!

The Close-up Collection

I have 100’s of weaving photos.  Hundreds and hundreds of them.  This week has been really exciting for me because some of those images have finally been made into greeting cards.  It’s an idea I’ve been thinking about for ages.   A huge thank you to Chris and Nicole at for doing such an amazing job.  I love them!

Today I began to list some for sale online.  Here’s a sneak preview . . .  or you can go over to my shop to have a closer look.

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